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Undocumented Initiatives

Crimson Group

Crimson Group: a Registered Student Organization (RSO) | Follow Crimson Group on Facebook

Crimson Group is an activist support group for undocumented students and allies at Washington State University Pullman and the Palouse community.
Our purpose is to provide students with resources and the support they need to be successful in college. Some of the help we provide includes conferences and workshops that are extremely beneficial for the students. Having a good support system and a strong group of friends who will help each other is also one of our main goals. We arrange socials so that the students can interact and bond. We strive to make a positive change on campus and a welcoming environment for people to speak their voices and come out of the shadows. The Crimson group was founded 5 years ago and it started as a secret group so that undocumented students could feel safe. It has now evolved to include allies and it is open for everyone and anyone to join.


Cesar Munguia

Cesar Munguia | Project Coordinator, Cougs Rise


Raul Jimenez

Raul Jimenez

raul.jimenez@wsu.eduCo-Chair, Crimson Group